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Just a little post for the upcoming holiday.

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. The infamous day where it's a given to wear green especially if you're Irish. There's also the elementary school tradition to pinch the other kids if they were not wearing green. Some of those pinches looked vicious! The kids of Irish descent were not even pinching that hard.
For some reason, the actual date 'March 17th' is easy to remember. Though during the week of that date, almost everyone forgets about it. The only people at my school who remember are the ASB students and the Irish kids. There's a pep rally tomorrow, so I guess the school is trying to get just a hint of any spirit. I'm in the Army JROTC at school, so once a week we wear the green uniform. If St. Patrick's Day was on a uniform day, it would be so much easier! Sadly, it's not and that's basically the only thing green in my closet!
Another funny thing is that there are NOT any sale days for this holiday! Surprisingly, there's no "St. Patrick's Day Sale" at any of the malls in San Diego this week. This day and Arbor Day does not have special sale days for some reason at all. Sure, there might be a price drop on beer for the day but other than that, there's not much hype. One store that has a lot of green spirit is hands down Party City. Yet, they celebrate anything that exists. It's all fun filled and carefree. Just don't forget to wear green tomorrow!

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