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Sporks are nifty.


Name - Kathleen 
Age - 14
Sex - Female
Dating status - I have a boyfriend right now.
Zodiac sign - Scorpio in astrology and a Horse in Chinese Zodiac.
Location - San Diego, CA


Food - Spicy food, Cobb salad, pizza with cheese and mushrooms, chocolate anything, guacamole covered rolled tacos, fried rice with vegetables and macaroni and cheese.
Color(s) - red, purple, black, blue, gray and white. The last three colors are my school colors so I'm forced to like them. =P
Bands - Linkin Park, Chronic Future, Maroon5, Franz Ferdinand, Weezer and Jet, just to name some of the newer bands. The Beatles, Abba, Kool & The Gang, Bon Jovi, U2 and some more 80's bands my dad passed down to me. Aside from the rock bands, I'm all for Hip Hop bands too such as Black Eyed Peas,  The Temptations, G-Unit and 112 etc. etc. I'm also very into domestic music from China and Japan. I'm listening to The 12 Girls Band from China right now to be specific.
Songs - I don't have an ultimate favorite song right now but one song I can almost never get tired of is A Love Before Time by Coco Lee. It's from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [CTHD].
Movies - CTHD, Hero, The Joy Luck Club, The Road Home, Meg Ryan movies, Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Home Alone 1-3, The Wedding Singer,  Anchorman
Books - Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl, Sherlock Holmes, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter [yes, I'm a preteen fantasy enthusiast], Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Red Scarf Girl by Jiang Ji-li and The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myers
Sports - I rarely watch the typical sports unless my city's teams have moved up to the next level of games. Other sports I watch are the World Poker Tour and sometimes Billiards. I proudly watch the Olympics though.
Outfit - On school days I usually wear jeans, a simple shirt of any kind and a jacket. Once a week I have to wear my JROTC uniform.


Cat or dog - I love them both in their own special ways! Cats are there for my quiet side and dogs are there to cheer me up and hang out.
Name 5 bands that need to die - Awesome, they don't have to die but I just don't think they fit in the media puzzle anymore. My apologies if you like one of these bands! Ashlee Simpson, Taking Back Sunday, Simple Plan, Pop Co-ed Bands, Pop Boy Bands
Pet peeves - I'm not very happy with myself whenever someone critiques me incorrectly. What I mean is that the people who judge me by a little sliver of my personality and take it as it's my whole personality make me feel crappy about myself. Another pet peeve I don't like is when people state what my emotions are when they are clearly visible. I don't like it when I'm feeling so bad I'm ready to cry and one of my friends comes up to me and asks "OH, are you like, OKAY?" If I was angry, I would have lashed back at them really bitterly. If I was sad, I would run off to go cry alone. Both situations make me and the person I was sad/mad at go through a whole barrel full of drama for the rest of the day.
What celebrity do you admire/lust for most - I honestly lust for Johnatan Ke Quan - he's better known as Shorty in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and Data in The Goonies. I admire Cameron Diaz because she has succeeded in all of her movies and she's never disappointed me with her actions.
Hobbies or talents - computer graphics, internet, HTML, reading, listen to music and watch movies, write poetry, cooking, play the flute
Why would you like to be a part of this community- I would like to be in this community because it's very genuine and more realistic in how communities would be happily formed. It'd be nice to be accepted by my personality first without commenting on how ugly I am and blowing me off right then and there.
Describe yourself in 3 words - content, sweet and tranquil
What's your worst quality - I assume incorrectly a lot and from that all havoc runs when I state my opinion at the wrong time. I'm too stubborn to show my sadness and grief. It's making me feel crappy right now.
Describe your style in one word- Kathleen


Abortion - I'm in the middle. It all depends on the situation of the person who wants to have an abortion. Those who should have first priority of getting an abortion is if their living situation is completely unstable [out on the streets with no way to support the baby] or if the girl was raped at a very young age [max age: 17]. Abortions should not be given out freely to people who 'just don't want one.' Life totally isn't a toy like that. Sure it's treated that way but giving birth is a wonderful thing.
Pre-marital sex - It depends on your personal and religious values. I personally would like to wait until marriage or until I was at least 18 and with someone I had been with for over a year or so. 
Gay marriage - I personally do not mind it at all. Gay and bisexual people have been around ever since the first people came down. They are people just like every other person in the world.
Illict drug use- It's not my stand to say to all the people who smoke or drink or do hard drugs to stop. I drink occasionally at New Year's because that's the only time my parents are drunk enough to let me.  There's also the fact that anything you eat can be addictive and lethal if you take enough of it. Advil can kill you, so can coffee and burritos. But do you see a rehab center for burritos? If the people want to get stoned or high or woozy, then let them do it.


What is something that sets you apart from everyone else - I went through a total Buddhist Revelation last summer. I was only thirteen and I already completed the religious breakthrough! I was completely changed and I turned my life around for the better. I have a complete new outlook on things that I've never even known to exist. Sure I'm not an entire Buddhist, but I'm my own version of a Buddhist and that's perfectly fine for me.

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