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I apologize but I think I'm gonna have to leave this community. I haven't been as active as I'd like to be and I'll be moving in about two weeks or so. I wish the community good luck :) and this is an awesom community!!!
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To those of you who haven't left due to the recent inactivity, I have an update:

While my computer is fixed, between getting a job and various other things in my schedule, I don't have enough time for this community. I'm not leaving, however, I think it deserves a mod who has more time, and at least for the next month or so, that's not me. If you're interested in taking over, please leave a comment in my personal journal. I'll still rate and help out with promoting when I can, I just need somebody else to help run the show. This was a pretty booming community, it shouldn't be hard to restore it.

<3 Amy